The best tools in the field are only as good as the platforms and systems that support them. Ensuring a full operational lifecycle for air, land & sea capabilities is the core responsibility of our Platforms & Systems cluster. Our team of integration specialists design, manufacture, assemble, overhaul, and upgrade a whole world of platforms and systems, enabling advanced solutions across any terrain, anywhere in the world.

At EDGE, we have decades of delivery experience and a relentless research and development program. The result is smart, connected technology that delivers unparalleled performance, safety, and reliability. More Info


Our Missiles & Weapons division brings a leading-edge approach to the design, manufacture, and integration of high-performance munitions, light weapons, complex weapons, directed-energy weapons, and smart missile control systems.

On today’s battlefield, complex weapons systems demand a new level of quality, performance, and reliability. Our advanced R&D and test labs have developed a new generation of enhanced weapons that can keep your forces ahead of tomorrow’s threats.

Sophisticated software embedded in our autonomous weapons helps to integrate guidance data from multiple sources to maximize precision and effectiveness. More Info


The next generation of warfare has emerged, and the frontline is more ubiquitous than ever. No longer confined to the traditional battlespaces, the cyber and electromagnetic threats of the future are resilient and persistent, and intersect with out daily security in unprecedented ways.

Through deep expertise in rapid innovation and outfitting, our Electronic Warfare & Cyber Technologies (EW&CT) cluster provides the end-to-end solutions to a rapidly-evolving threat landscape. Deploying breakthrough technologies and best-in-class training, we do more than identify the risks. We imagine the threat profiles of the future and outpace adversaries by delivering empowerment and resilience across government and military organisations.

At EDGE, we understand that the solutions to address asymmetric warfare lies at the convergence of electronic warfare and cyber operations. Our EW&CT cluster provides the complete portfolio of offensive and defensive capabilities in the electromagnetic spectrum using state-of-the-art cyber solutions and electronic warfare systems.

Delivered by an elite team of national security professionals, our industry-leading training programmes develop the skills and capabilities required to manage risks among government and private institutions.

Using multi-domain technologies and universal solutions, we offer full mission support to dominate this new era of warfare. More Info


Our Trading and Mission Support cluster brings together the essential technical, engineering, logistics, training, and manpower services needed to face any critical situation, and also provides cutting-edge R&D, engineering, technology, integration, manufacturing, maintenance, and project management solutions.

Leveraging the power of AI, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), we are building new capabilities in hardware, software, personnel, and services to help you anticipate, identify and fulfill your mission objectives, and capturing on our wide-ranging assets and extensive investments in advanced technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions across the defence sector and beyond.

With decades of experience with international partners and a fundamental understanding of the defense sector, we operate in dynamic and fluid security and emergency environments to ensure your forces have the training and resources they need to achieve peak performance. More Info