Principal Engineer (Electronic Warfare)

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Date: 3 Apr 2024

Location: AE

Company: EDGE Group PJSC


HALCON is a regional and international leader that offers next-generation Weapons Systems and Robotics Expertise to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. HALCON has developed in-house expertise across the entire value chain for gravity-release bomb guidance systems. This includes design, development, testing, manufacturing and assembly. Our end-to-end capabilities ensure exceptional quality and competitive pricing. As well, we are faster and more flexible in meeting customer requirements. 

Job Summary:

The Principal Electronic Warfare Engineer is a professional in the field of Electronic Warfare hardware & Software development with a good understanding and experience in product development (Real-time signal processing, Radar systems and Embedded Software), design, evaluation, testing and reporting.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Review a product concept design to ensure high probability of mission success.
  • Review a developmental product functional specification to ensure system can meet performance specifications.
  • Identify and manage development of all algorithms required to implement electronic warfare solutions.
  • Develop structures for EW systems integrating both hardware and software.
  • Design secure embedded systems, emphasizing cybersecurity protocols including encryption, secure boot procedures, anti-tamper technologies, and adherence to cybersecurity frameworks relevant to defense systems.
  • Design knowledge of EW systems hardware related to radar and missile system engagement.
  • Development and implementation of digital firmware, FPGA programming real-time systems for signal processing, and embedded software, emphasizing innovation in system and subsystem design, coding, evaluation, testing, and reporting.
  • Develop and implement algorithms for signal detection, identification, and jamming. This includes techniques for adaptive filtering, signal classification, and electronic attack.
  • Review developed algorithms and supervise testing of algorithms in the simulation environment to predict system performance under various scenarios and to refine system designs.
  • Develop strategies and technologies to protect friendly assets from electronic attack, including techniques for signal concealment and deception.
  • Ensure that EW systems comply with relevant industry standards and maintain security measures to protect sensitive information and technologies, adhering to cybersecurity best practices.
  • Mentor junior engineers, sharing expertise in electronic warfare techniques and technologies.
  • Identify new algorithms for improvement of navigation performance.
  • Identify new electronic warfare techniques, and systems to ensure mission success of products.
  • Advise management on the long-term direction of the development directions for electronic warfare systems. 

Experience & Education Qualifications:

  • Master degree in Electronics & Computer Engineering or Computer Science.
  • Minimum ten years of experience in the development of electronic warfare, cybersecurity systems.  

Key Skills:

  • Interface with project management team.
  • Manage development of electronic warfare systems.
  • Mentor and train junior engineers in electronic warfare technology.
  • Advise management on future development of electronic warfare systems.
  • Understanding of radar and missile system employment, capabilities, and processing.
  • Develop architecture of simulation models and software.
  • Competent in understanding future development of electronic warfare systems.


Job Segment: Testing, Embedded, Project Manager, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Technology, Security

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